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How Can I Sign Up as a Coach?

As of May 2024 we are no longer able to add coaches to Glory League directly, please see the following guides for how to get added to your team in Glory League as a coach.


When your name is added as any member of Team Staff in Play HQ, Basketball Connect, GameDay and Let Me Play it will be automatically imported into Glory League.

You must have registered to the platform the association uses for you to be able to be assigned into a team. If you have not been added by your club or association you must contact either your club delegate or registrations manager at the association who will be able to help you register.

New Zealand

GameDay Competitions:

Almost all competitions in NZ require registration in GameDay, so you will need to fill out a GameDay registration before your sports administrator or association can assign you as Team Staff to the team. When your name is added as any member of Team Staff in GameDay it will be automatically imported into Glory League and into Scorekeeper as a coach.

If your name does not appear in Scorekeeper please do the following:

  1. Register through GameDay (you must do this every year, and you must do this for every "club" you coach for)
  2. Notify your Sports Administrator (if coaching a school team) or Association (for reps or schools without Sports Admins) and ask them to add you as a coach to your team. They can do this under "Team Staff"
  3. Once you are registered your name will appear in the Glory League Scorekeeper app as a Coach and you can check into the game as well as get game video after the game.
  4. Check your email after the game for your game video email

GameDay Registration page example

Non-GameDay Competitions:

If the above does not apply to you, please contact the competition organisers, club or association you play for and ask them to add you to the team. Alternatively you can add yourself via the Glory League Scorekeeper app before the game is played. Please ensure you have added the correct email address entered when you do this in order to get access.

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