Automated game film, for everyone.

With Glory League, players, supporters and coaches can:

Revisit game experiences

Create highlight reels

Share automated highlight clips


Every pivotal play, every triumphant triumph, and every heart-stopping moment, captured and compiled without having to lift a finger.

Capture the action without the admin

With our AI camera tracking system, parents and staff are free to enjoy the game, knowing we've got the filming covered.

But we don't stop at official games, with 'Practice Mode', you can also capture tryouts, training sessions, and scrimmages.

Enhance player retention

Downloadable highlights create lasting memories, not only great for players but a priceless feature for family members who can't be there in person.

sponsorship opportunities

Attract advertisers with a range of options, from digital in-game banners and center court logos to email marketing.

Promote positive conduct & fair play

Our technology puts players, coaches, and court-side spectators in the spotlight, promoting better on-court and courtside behaviour as well as reducing administrative time spent handling incidents.

From social to national leagues, Glory League brings professional basketball video to every tier of amateur play.







Glory League partners with premier basketball organisations and governing bodies such as:

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Integrations with the top sports management systems

Our seamless integration with competition management systems and scoring apps makes automatic recording of every match in the schedule too easy.


Glory League is a world’s first automated video system for everyday basketball that allows players to relive their games through professional quality full-game video, highlight reels and stats which is automatically captured using the platforms software and cameras.

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How long will it take to get my video after my game?
It takes anywhere from one to twelve hours before the game video is ready. This is dependent on the quality of internet at the stadium and the number of games recorded. The general rule of thumb is that if you play at night the game video will be with you by the next morning.
Who can access the videos?
Only participants in a game, meaning the players, coach, referees and supporters approved by your association along with Association Administrators have access to view that game video.
How do you protect player privacy and security?
Glory League has an array of privacy options implemented at installation and activation. These settings can be amended as required to suit your needs.

Glory Leagues technology captures wide shots of the court action, rather than focusing on individuals. It also removes the need for other videos to be filmed by individuals.

Note: there are no controls over recordings filmed by individuals which can capture any angles and shots, and which maybe be shared without safeguards.

Care is taken to ensure that all video content is of a professional standard and filming techniques are representative of basketball camerawork at only the highest levels.

Participants agree to Glory Leagues Terms & Conditions when they register to play.

Glory League’s privacy practices have been reviewed by an independent legal counsel which found that the system is fully compliant to Australian Privacy Requirements.
Who uses Glory League?
Our data shows that 80% of players use the platform after a game. Players of all different levels use the system for a range of reasons – for some to help their personal improvement, for others its part of their social engagement with teammates.

It is also used by many parents and family members who can’t attend games allowing them to experience and be part of the excitement too, and, for some, they really like seeing a great play or shot they made.

Glory League also makes competitions safer and better with a marked improvement of player and spectator behaviour.