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How to Add a Supporter

If your supporter already has a Glory League account, your games will appear in their account. If they do not have a Glory League account they will receive a welcome email to set-up a password. Your supporter will get all your games in their account and a game notification email each time you play a game for this association (unless they turn this off in their account settings)

1. Log in to your account through: then click the user icon in the top left corner

2. Click "My Profiles"

3. Click "Settings"

4. Click "Add Supporter"

5. In the "Add Supporter" pop-up add the email address and first and last name of your supporter.

Tip: You will have a different profile for every association or organisation you play for. Remember to add supporters to each profile

6. To add your supporter to other profiles click the drop down on the profile page next to your name.

7. The dropdown will show you all your profiles. Click on another profile and repeat steps 4 & 5 for all accounts you want to share with your supporter.

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