Our fully automated video engagement system makes everyday players feel like pro ballers with full game video, personal highlight reels and stats.

Meet our AI camera operator

Glory League uses high-definition cameras to capture professional-quality footage of every game in your league.

Our AI technology tracks the action automatically, following the ball and zooming in on key plays.

The result is a dynamic viewing experience that makes players and supporters feel like they're watching a pro game.

affordable pricing

Glory League provides a complete video and stats solution at an affordable price. Our automated technology and scalable platform keep costs low so that leagues of all sizes can elevate their experience.
Live Streaming: Stream games live on your website and social media
Sponsorship Opportunities: Sell ad space on highlight reels and video platforms
Advanced Stats: Track advanced metrics like shot charts, hustle stats and more

live stream your games

Experience a new level of audience engagement and fan base growth with Glory League's live streaming.

It's simple to set up a live stream, and in just a few minutes, you can bring the excitement of your important games to audiences around the world.

safer and better leagues

Glory League customers have reported a reduction in on-court incidents and tribunals and a general improvement in player behaviour.

Reduce Incidents

Fewer on-court incidents occur when players, coaches and fans are aware that their games and actions are being filmed.

Quickly Address Incidents

Player incidents are quickly addressed by referring to Glory League videos.

Glory League has added immense value to our competitions, universal approval from our members, and increased our capacity to offer return of investment to our corporate sponsors.

From proud parents passing on their pride and joy, coaches and players working on their game, to old vets socialising and laughing at a circus shot, Glory League champions the game we love.

Joel McInnes General Manager Gold Coast Basketball
Joel McInnes
General Manager,
Gold Coast Basketball
Queensland’s Administrator of the Year 2021