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Why Are New Games Missing from My Account?

If you already have a Glory League account but new games aren't appearing it is usually because of one of four reasons:

1. You used a different email for this competition and the game video emails are going to that account. Whatever email used for your registration through the competition management website (like GameDay, PlayHq, Basketball Connect, LMP etc ) will be the email your current games are going to. Please check that you are not signed up under a parents email, school email address, work email address or under the coach or managers address. If this solves the issue please see this guide on how to update your email in your player portal.

2. You were not checked into the game using the scoring app for the first game, or are not on the roster at all. Please make sure you are checked into the game, and if you are not registered to the team check in with your association who can fix this for you using their competition management, which will then be reflected in Glory League after the next game.

3. There are no cameras on the court you played on. Please see this map to check if the venue has cameras. If there are cameras but there is a known outage it will be listed here

4. The games were not scored using the scoring app so they have not been recorded. If the game used a paper scoresheet you will not get game video for this game as the cameras are triggered by the scoring apps.

If you have eliminated all the above as possibilities please contact your association or our support team.

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