What is Glory League?

How Glory League Works

Glory League is a fully automated cost-effective video engagement system for amateur basketball.

It makes everyday players feel like superstars with professional quality full game video, personal highlight reels and stats.

Glory League is easy to use for administrators and players.

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A video camera is mounted above the court.
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An iPad app scores the game and starts recording.


Each point scored is cut into a highlight video for the player.
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Every player, coach or supporter is emailed a link to the game video and highlights.

Elevate the basketball experience

Glory League elevates basketball to a higher level by providing out- of-game experiences through videos and game highlights.

80% use the system after a game

And 92% of players at an association log in at least once a month.

11 min average session

Some players are all about the highlights, some like to sit back and watch the whole game, others want to tag up every play while they watch through an entire game.

6 videos per game shared or downloaded

Players who share or download their highlights have an average of 12 downloads per month

On average players spend 35 mins per month on Glory League.

48% of players who did not score view their game videos.

Glory League drives engagement for all players, not just the ones who score!
TV screen on brick wall showing livestream of Glory League game on Youtube

Live Stream your games

Glory League allows you to easily Live Stream important games directly to Facebook or Youtube.
Easily schedule a live stream recording within minutes
Setting up a live stream is easy and requires no technical skills or knowledge to do it.

Glory League in Action

“My grandad in China watches all my games and we talk basketball every time he calls. He’s my biggest supporter and he's never been to a game”

photo of boy playing basketball
Aden Li, Player