Unlock revenue opportunities

We have secured a major naming rights sponsor due to Glory League. The sponsor came on board because Glory League advertising reaches the entire community, is measurable, innovative and can be dynamic to change with promotions

Mitch Duhig, General Manager
Launceston Basketball Association
Tasmanias CAM of the Year 2021
Basketball Game

Increased capacity to offer return of investment to sponsors

Glory League has added immense value to our competitions, universal approval from our members, and increased our capacity to offer return of investment to our corporate sponsors.

From proud parents passing on their pride and joy, coaches and players working on their game, to old vets socialising and laughing at a circus shot, Glory League champions the game we love.

Joel McInnes, General Manager
Gold Coast Basketball
Queensland’s Administrator of the Year 2021

Most popular engagement program

Glory League has been the most popular member engagement program we have ever launched. I am constantly surprised at how much our players follow it.

If the videos are not up when they expect, we get emails or calls. We are now offering it as additional sponsorship opportunities to existing and prospective sponsors.

Graeme Reid, Former CEO
Norths Basketball (NSW)

Drive membership numbers

The introduction of Glory League has had an incredibly positive impact on our Association. Our participants have absolutely loved being able to re-watch their games and relive the highlights each week.

We have been contacted by junior and senior teams looking to join our club for the sole purpose of being able to use the Glory League technology.

Todd Anderson, Former General Manager
Broadmeadows Basketball
Basketball Victoria’s Inclusive Association of the Year 2021

Loved by families

What an amazing initiative. I understand that this will give the coaches good insight to their team but for supporters and family that can't make all the games due to work commitments, it is wonderful! Well done!

This is exciting innovative technology and you should be congratulated.

Jenny Pryor, Parent

Player development

I use Glory League for several teams that I play for. It’s awesome and so easy to get in and watch my games and tag my stats.

I use it to look at my videos and see what part of my game I need to work on, plus my coaches share clips with me. It also easy for me to create highlights.

Harry Simpson, Player