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How Do I Change, Add or Erase Teams from my Profile?

A record of all the teams you have played for stays on your Glory League profile. If you are not seeing your most recent games it is usually because you have either not signed up correctly to the competition you are playing in, you have signed up with a different email connected to a new account, or there have been no games recorded for your team this season.

Example scenarios:

  • A tournament where your school has signed you up under your school email, the Glory League videos will be sent to that account, to sync it up to the same email address you will need to change the email in your second account to your original account. Please see: How to Change Email Address in Player Portal
  • Your teenager has signed themselves up to the competition this season under their own email address. Please see: How to Sign Up As a Supporter
  • Parent A signs you up to your association under a different email address this season, previous seasons you have been registered under Parent B email.
  • You are playing for a competition that does not use a Competition Management System like GameDay, PlayHQ, Basketball Connect, Let Me Play etc and you are not registered at all. Please see: How Can I Sign Up?
  • You forgot that you signed up for the competition this season under your old email address that you never check...

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