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Plays of the Week

Plays of the Week: How to Vote for a Highlight

1. Click "Plays of the Week" from the top menu in your player portal

2. Click on the week you want to view and vote on.

3. Select the stars at the bottom of the video to rate a highlight.

Tip: 5 stars gives the video 5 points and 1 star gives the video 1 point. If you don't like a clip, skip to the next clip.

4. The next clip will auto-play after 3 seconds, you can press the forward button to skip to the next video, or select another highlight from the list on the right to jump to.

5. If you change your mind about a vote, click "remove my rating" from below the stars.

Plays of the Week: Top 5 Videos

1. To see the Top 5 clips from a previous week click "Watch Top 5" under the date

2. From the Top 5 video page you can then choose to download the Top 5 video by clicking the "Share" button in the top right.

3. Click "Watch all highlights" to see all the highlights that were nominated for that week.

4. You can watch or search through any clips from previous weeks entries

How to Download Top 5 Plays of the Week video

5. From the Top 5 video page you can then choose to download the Top 5 video by clicking the "Share" button in the top right and then "Download".

Plays of the Week: How to Nominate a Clip

1. Click on the highlight you want to nominate for Plays of the Week.

2. In the Highlight pop-up select a star rating from 1-5. This will nominate the clip to Plays of the Week.

3. Once you've finished nominating clips from your game you can go straight through to this weeks Plays of the Week nominations by clicking the banner at the top of the Highlights bar.

Plays of the Week: How to Edit Your Highlight Clip

1. In the game video click the point/tag you want to edit.

2. From the pop-up click "Edit" button. This will open the highlight edit pop-up.

3. Drag the start time to where you want the clip to start.

4. Do the same for the end of the video. Try to cut it after a basket is scored.

5. Click "Save" to save your changes. The clip will be re-encoded. If it has been added to Plays of the Week or a Playlist it will update in those places once it has finished encoding.

Note: if your highlight clip misses the play completely, delete the original tag and make a new one with the correct timing.

1. You can filter what highlights you see by using the Search function. To do this, click the "Search..." field and type in your search term.

2. You can search by league name, team name or player name.

Plays of the Week: How it Works

Nominate a Highlight:

After your game, you have until the following Sunday to nominate your favourite highlights.

To nominate, simply click on any highlight in your game video. See: How to Nominate a Highlight

From there, you can:

  • Rate the Highlight: Choose a star rating from the pop-up.
  • Edit the Highlight: Adjust the timing if necessary.
  • Create a New Highlight: Use the stat or emoji buttons to create a new highlight.

Voting on Nominations:

Your nominated clips will automatically be added to the Plays of the Week page. Here, other viewers can watch and rate them by clicking the star button. You can vote on as many clips as you like, but only once per clip.

The remaining time to nominate and vote is displayed on the POTW page. Games eligible for POTW voting are marked with the POTW symbol on the games page.

Engage with the community by nominating your highlights and voting on others to highlight the week’s best plays!

The availability of Plays of the Week can vary by age group, as associations have the discretion to enable or disable this feature. If you have questions about the eligibility of your age group, please get in touch with your association for more details.